Tiff16 - Star spotting in Toronto

Posted By: Leslie Wasserman

The countdown is on.  You can see signs of the transformation from cowtown to glamourtown happening right now.  Red carpets are being rolled out. And, new billboards are going up. Spotlights are strategically placed and there's a gazillion limos lining up for car washes. This can only mean one thing... tiff is back for another 10 days of star spotting, great film and even some movie magic.   We can't reveal any celebrity secrets but we will admit if you love movies Toronto is the place to be.  And, its not just about all the big stars who come to town.  Some of Hollywood's most significant screenwriters, producers, directors and craftspeople are here to participate in panels, meet the international media, and promote their films.  And, let's not forget all of the talented and creative Canadians who are also showcasing their films at tiff. And, just like their American colleagues they also have to eat, walk their dog, work out and even do some shopping in between interviews.  Some say the "reel" stars of tiff are the films - true - but just the possibility of a chance encounter makes it that much more exciting. tiff runs from September 8-18th in Toronto.  The Windsor Arms Hotel is an official tiff Hotel and Hospitality partner.  For more information about tiff - here's the link to their website:   http://www.tiff.net/tiff/    

People magazine recommends these top ten tiff films:   http://www.people.com/article/toronto-film-festival-2016-top-movies-tiff


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